Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fife Fancy Wins Best Canary at Minnesota Show

Blue Foul (white tail) Fife Hen Won Best Type Canary and Best Canary in Show - This small fife has a fantastic head and throughout the show she showed her stuff and never let down. Mike Nicholas Exhibitor

Fife Fancy was the most popular canary entered at the show! A total of 31 Very Typey Fife were entered! As you can see the quality was exceptional! Fife competition was fierce! Congratulations Mike on your Big Win!!

Best Colorbred Canary and Best Lipochrome Canary and Second Best Canary in Show a Red Ground Frost, exhibited great red ground color and a beautiful fine even frost pattern - Mike Nicholas Exhibitor.

I realized as I opened the tags of the top four canaries, that the first and second place were Mike's birds and he was outside. So I called him in and ask him why he was outside at this critical moment and he said "I was too nervous". So I ask him how could that be if two of the finally four were his birds? He confessed he did not know the cage number of the red frost was his!!

Best New Color and Third Best Canary in Show, a Gorgeous Gold Ivory Agate Opal Frost - Evon Van Ornum Exhibitor

Best Melanin Classic, a Beautiful Bronze Frost - Warren Launderville Exhibitor

Best Finch a Lovely Owl Finch - Eunice Roivanen Exhibitor - Laura Bewley Finch Judge

I spent a very enjoyable weekend judging type and color canaries at the Canary & Finch Club of Minnesota Annual Show which was held in Prescott, Wisconsin. Friday evening everyone attended a fish fry. I had never eaten wall-eye fish and it was so good, I can not believe how much I ate. With a very full stomach, I was fired up and presented a two hour canary seminar! Lots of good discussion and only the lateness of the hour caused us to quit!

Saturday was judging and the birds were beautiful and of very high caliber! I worked and talked about type canaries till about 1 pm and then after lunch I talked some more while I judged the colorbred!

I appreciated the warm hospitality and time spent talking birds! It was really special to meet and visit with some of the bloggers at the show!

One great policy of this club is that if any non-member buys a bird from a club member, they receive a free one year membership to the club!

This weekend I will be judging Type and Color in Seattle. Hope you can make it!

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Evon in WI said...


Thank you for sharing some of your knowledge of the birds.
The novice breeders as well as the more experienced exhibitors keep learning and are encouraged by your sharing.
The birds are the excuse for these fall get-to-gathers we call "Bird Shows" but we sure enjoy the food, fun, and laughter.
The true blue ribbons are the friends we meet each year and share our time with.
Linda, You are a "True Blue Ribbon". Thank You for being such a Friend to the Fancy.