Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy BirdDay Big Bird!!

Happy BirdDay to You, Happy BirdDay to You, Happy BirdDay Dear Big Bird, Happy BirdDay to You!!

Celebrating the new 60, with fresh millet sprays all around! Perhaps I will cage up my German Rollers this afternoon to start training them for the National Song Competition .

Lucca thought I would enjoy playing soccer this morning. So let the game begin...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mystery Bird Grows Up

Here's a few shots I took this morning. Thanks for asking Evon, you make doing the blog fun!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My November Bird Shows

My next bird show is
Vancouver November 11-13, Lochdale Community Centre 490 Sperling Ave (Hastings & Sperling) Burnaby, BC, Canada. Judges: Type Canaries - Linda Hogan, Colorbred Canaries David J. Benites.
web site:

Then it is off the the National Cage Bird Show in Kansas City, Thursday November 17 thru Saturday November 19, 2011 at Hyatt Regency Crown Center, 2345 McGee Street, Kansas City, Missouri.
Web site: My roller club Milo Wells will be handling the roller competition so you will be able to find me easily there and besides German Rollers, I am also showing: Borders, Colorbred and Staffords.

Would love to Meet You At The Shows!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Borders Conduct A Biodecken Taste Test

At the Houston Show, Ricardo Sanchez gave me some samples of Biodecken nestling food and some of their extras. Having a limited amount, I decided to let the Borders do a Taste Test on the nestling food.

Borders are very skeptical about new foods so whenever I get new product samples, they are the first to try it.

Biodecken, a German product has a complete line of products for all canary needs.

Canaries like a little texture. The enlargement makes it look like huge hunks but actually the largest ones are about the size of fine oatmeal.

This young border was very curious and quickly joined the test.

By the time I ran in the house to get the camera, he had nearly eaten the dish all by himself!

In only two days four cages of borders ate it all, not a bite was left! Considering that it was fed dry right from the package with no additions, that is a pretty strong endorsement from them! Borders gave it a three toes-up endorsement!!

Ricardo is planning having the product for sale at the national in Kansas City. Contact Ricardo at 214 998-7474 or e- mail him at

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Singing With The Stars

Remember how I loved Mario's German Roller song, well now he is leading his own Song School for all the young rollers! The first time these guys heard him they just listen in wonder....

After awhile, they started singing along and changing from their rough almost beating hollow roll to a smooth beautiful one just like papa Mario!

So what are they going to be doing tomorrow? More Sing-Along With Mario!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Houston Winners Lipochrome

Best Lipochrome and Second Best Colorbred in Show, Yellow Ground Intensive Exhibited by Jesus Martinez. What a bird!! Jesus is a Novice!

He was so happy with the win and thankful that Ricardo Sanchez got him started with excellent stock!

Second Best Lipochrome Red Ground Intensive Exhibited by Jesus Martinez (red ground stock also from Ricardo).

Third Best Lipochrome White Ground Recessive Exhibited by Helen Jones

Fourth Best Lipochrome Yellow Ground Frost Exhibited by Julio Valella and Brenda Varholla

Be sure and click on these photos for a better look!

Melanin Colorbred Winners Houston Show

Best Melanin Colorbred and Best Colorbred in Show Brown White Exhibited by Julio Vallella and Brenda Varholla. Beautiful!!!

Second Best Melanin Black Red Intensive Exhibited by Gibson/St. Clair

Third Best Melanin Agate Red Mosaic Exhibited by Henry Vela

Fourth Best Melanin Isabel Yellow Intensive Exhibited by Julio Valella and Brenda Varholla

New Color Winners Houston Show

Best New Color and Third Best Colorbred in Show Yellow Ground Satinet Exhibited by Alicia Baker Gorgeous Bird!

Second Best New Color Brown Yellow Ivory Pastel Exhibited by Ricardo Sanchez

Third Best New Color White Ground Ino Exhibited by Ricardo Sanchez

Fourth Best New Color White Ground Satinet Exhibited by Alicia Baker

Sexing Canaries Made Easy - Francisco A Salas

One of the highlights of the Houston Bird Show was meeting Francisco! I ask him to e-mail this sexing canaries trick for posting.

Francisco writes "Hi Linda, I need to tell you about an article a read in may local news paper last year, a way so easy to sex canaries, they called it a “dummy proof way to sex canaries”; according to the article this can be done when the babies are still in the nest (about 10 – 12 days old) all you have to do is approach the nest, any baby that digs his head into the nest is a male, baby hens will slightly lower them self but keep eye contact with you. I put this method to the test with some sex link birds this past year, and it work every time, the only time I had problems was with some of the babies I had to hand feed frequently, they were so used to being handle that they did not shy away from me. Give it a try, I hope it works for you.

My Face Book account is ; ( Born to sing canaries ). Remember it's in Spanish I posted several pictures from the Houston Show. Take care and hope to see you soon again, maybe we can get you to come to San Antonio and judge our show

Our clubs Face Book page is (Alamo Exhibition Bird Club) you can see some picture of our Bird Show


Francisco A Salas

Francisco is also an accomplished dog handler and when I told him of my troubles getting Lucca to walk on the leash instead of jumping on me and grabbing the leather strap, he said first play and totally wear him out and then put the leash on him and walk him. This worked amazingly well and now my family is also walking him and they can't believe how good he is on the leash! Thanks so much Francisco!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Donald's Borders

Donald Saunders of South Africa sent in some fabulous pictures of his Borders. Aren't they lovely!!!

Border Hens

In South Africa, they are conditioning and beginning the breeding season.

His Cats love the birds too!

Donald says "Here are a few pics of my Borders. The hens in the flight cage areenjoying the sun and greens. They share the sun with my 2 shorn Chinchilla longhair cats.They are not interested in the birds. In the morning when I prepare the border veggies, they scream for some grated boiled egg. Once they have had their titbit they move off. I begin pairing up 1 week before the full moon in September."