Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Melanin Colorbred Winners Houston Show

Best Melanin Colorbred and Best Colorbred in Show Brown White Exhibited by Julio Vallella and Brenda Varholla. Beautiful!!!

Second Best Melanin Black Red Intensive Exhibited by Gibson/St. Clair

Third Best Melanin Agate Red Mosaic Exhibited by Henry Vela

Fourth Best Melanin Isabel Yellow Intensive Exhibited by Julio Valella and Brenda Varholla


Anonymous said...

Can you tell me why my canary stopped singing? I have only one, and man he sings beautiful!! Its almost a month now since he last singed! Please help .

Linda Hogan said...

The usual reason is molting or illness. Have you seen long feathers in the bottom of his cage? did he molt this summer. Does he get up at sunrise and to bed with sunset, no exceptions? The natural changes in day length controls his hormonal balance and changes his activity with the season. Do not cover him overnight but rather let the morning sun coming in the window get him up.
Feed him some bee pollen pebbles and wheat germ.