Sunday, October 31, 2010

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

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JERRY NOBLE shares his recipe for boiled seed.

Seed Mix: 2 parts Hemp, 1 part each Buckwheat, Hulled Oats, Red Millet, White Millet, Wheat, Canola Rape, and Canary.

Cover with water and boil one minute, drain and refrigerate overnight. Feed one month prior to breeding and to all birds each day during breeding season.

He also recommended TLC Seed Company out of Minneapolis (612) 627-9606 as a source for clean, reasonably priced hemp.

If you use boiled seed in your breeding program or have experience using it, please comment to this post!

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show Sunday

Before catching the plane back to Wichita, David and Edith Benites treated me to a tour of San Diego including browsing at the Old Town Market. Thanks so much for your wonderful hospitality. It truly was a fantastic weekend!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show Bird Display

Best Lipochrome, Yellow Satinet (red eyes), exhibited by Richard Sampson

After the winners are selected and prizes awarded, the winners are labeled and displayed on the show bench for easy identification.

Even Cobalt and Topaz were exhibited so that everyone got a chance to view these beautiful birds.

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show Promotes Novices

Red Isabel exhibited by Jorge Luna Be sure and click on this photo, what a bird!!

Best Colorbred in Show and Best Novice

The San Diego Club has a new program for novices. High quality breeding stock are purchased by David Benites for the club. Novices are encouraged to purchase the breeding pair for half the cost.

In turn they must show the offspring, keep the best offspring for their breeding program and donate the other half of the offspring back to the club for auction!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show Type Winners

As I judged each division, I went over the standard and then shared my opinion on how the bird measured up against the standard and the rational for my placements. The exhibitors ask good questions. Exhibiting is not just about winning, it is about breeding better birds!

DIVISION 1 - Border - 1st through 3rd Mike Mojtekedi

DIVISION 2 - Gloster

1st Consort - David Benites

2nd Corona - Darrell Brewer

3rd - Richard Sampson

DIVISION 3- Fife - 1st through 3rd David Benites


1st - Yorkshire - Darrell Brewer

2nd - Columbus - David Benites

3rd - Stafford - Donna Minor

DIVISION 5 - Old Varieties
1st & 3rd - Parisian Frill - Behshid Fariba

2nd - Lizard Gold Cap - Donna Minor



Thursday, October 28, 2010

San Diego Show And Tell Bird Show

Saturday, October 16, 2010 What a fantastic bird show! This friendly club was focused on education and encouragement of canary breeders and exhibitors.

Get your show tags here!!

The San Diego Show was held in a lovely church social hall.

Colorful informative charts hung on the walls.

Getting ready

David Benites

While getting ready for the type birds, I started judging by a review of the canaries exhibited for the Best Pet award. Among the entries were German Roller, American Singer, Waterslager, and Timbrado canaries.

The above bird is an unusual hard feather German Roller. Click on the photo and take note of the intense yellow color! Absolutely gorgeous!!

After a short discussion of canary song in the various types, the Best Pet was selected. The Best Pet Winner was Winnifred Adams, exhibitor of the hard feather German Roller!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Big Bird Wins Best Stafford At Tulsa Show!

Since this was my very first Stafford Division win, the lovely Best Crest Ribbon is a welcome new addition to my aviary!

The crest is strikingly round and has good height. It is totally natural, as I did no grooming on this bird, it did not need it Saturday!

As I shot this photo this morning, it looks like a pin feather needs brushing out. To fix it, wet with cold water and brush with a shaving brush or toothbrush. (Click on the photo for a better look.)

The bird really understands its crest is its best asset and at every opportunity it loves to show it off to you!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Questions and Tips for Big Bird!

My daughter Kellie has just returned from a three week vacation in Spain. While there she shot some bird related photos at the home of Salvador Dali!! He was a canary lover and the cage was in his bedroom!!

The egg is on the roof of his covered terrace!

Use this blog post for current questions.



I have a question about lighting the shed.
How many lux do you advise?

Oreck air cleaners?

I was just wondering if any body knows about oreck air cleaners ? are they harmful to birds ? the one I have has the ionizing stuff and leaves the smell of ozone in my bird room, seems I have read something about this not being good for birds, if any one has any knowledge or experiance with this type of an air cleaner I would be interested

Thanx Gwen

Anyone know about this?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Bird Lands in St. Louis

The hallmark of the 17th Annual St.Louis Canary Show was the High Quality birds! A number of exhibitors have previously won Higgins Trophies at the National Cage Bird Show!

Getting the birds ready to start the show.

Eileen Karius, Show Secretary get the entries entered into the computer.

Best Type - Border - Exhibited by Paul Dee

Second Best Type - Gold Broken Cap Lizard - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Third Best Type - Columbus Fancy Crested - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Fourth Best Type - Hartz Topknot - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Best Lipochrome - Red Ground Frost - Exhibited by Keith Pellman

Second Best Lipochrome - Red Ground Intensive - Exhibited by Manuel Madruga

Best Melanin Classic - Black Red Intensive (Bronze) - Exhibited by Manuel Madruga

Second Best - Black Yellow Intensive (Green) - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Best New Color - White Ground (Silver) Satinette - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Second Best New Color - Yellow Ground Ivory Satinette (Gold Ivory Satinette) - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Congratulations to all the winners!