Sunday, October 10, 2010

Big Bird Lands in St. Louis

The hallmark of the 17th Annual St.Louis Canary Show was the High Quality birds! A number of exhibitors have previously won Higgins Trophies at the National Cage Bird Show!

Getting the birds ready to start the show.

Eileen Karius, Show Secretary get the entries entered into the computer.

Best Type - Border - Exhibited by Paul Dee

Second Best Type - Gold Broken Cap Lizard - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Third Best Type - Columbus Fancy Crested - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Fourth Best Type - Hartz Topknot - Exhibited by Robert Wild

Best Lipochrome - Red Ground Frost - Exhibited by Keith Pellman

Second Best Lipochrome - Red Ground Intensive - Exhibited by Manuel Madruga

Best Melanin Classic - Black Red Intensive (Bronze) - Exhibited by Manuel Madruga

Second Best - Black Yellow Intensive (Green) - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Best New Color - White Ground (Silver) Satinette - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Second Best New Color - Yellow Ground Ivory Satinette (Gold Ivory Satinette) - Exhibited by Vince Turner

Congratulations to all the winners!


Evon In WI said...

Wow Very Beautiful Birds
Love those Satinettes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for explaining things as you were judging - what you were looking for, what wasn't ideal, etc. It was nice to be able to see/understand what you are looking for - from a novice point of view!

Mike Schwartz

Anonymous said...

Thank you for explaining what you were looking for while judging the birds. It makes it very educational for us novices when we can actually see what a judge is looking for in a good bird!

Mike Schwartz

Leng said...

Hi Linda,

I was wondering how many borders were entered at the show.


Linda Hogan said...

There were about 20 borders in the show. Lovely...