Sunday, October 10, 2010

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Sunday - Soft Moult

Hi Linda,
Great site. Do you have any advice on stopping soft moult in Borders.
I'm in England and my best var yellow hen has started dropping feathers again after finishing her moult. I may have caused it by showing her too early at a young stock show-she came first.
Also is there any way of getting the coated seed in England as I can't find a website for wall seed company. I think your articles on Border confirmation are excellent.
Thanks,Regards Laurie.


Thanks Laurie for the great question! Soft moult is characterized by loss of small feathers and no long feathers. It is important to stop as these birds can not compete and if not stopped will not breed when the breeding season comes.

The good news is that soft moult is easy to stop if you switch to a totally only high carb seeds, food and no high protein seeds (oily seeds are also high protein) or no animal proteins. Good food includes such things as straight canary seed, oats, millet, white bread, cous cous. In addition, add multiple vitamin B to the water.

Will check on a web site for Bird of Paradise from Wall Seed. I am pretty sure they have one.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
I have read all of your post and learned a lot of them. Just two tiny questions.
1/Do you feed softfood at the birds in wintertime?
2/ How many grams of seed do you think a Border needs in wintertime in order to prevent them for gettng fat and lazy?