Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alan Timari Sweeps Canadian and US German Roller National Competitions!

Congratulations to Alan Timari of Canada for sweeping both national competitions for German Rollers in Canada as well as the USA! His birds are really quite exceptional!!!

This is the first time anyone became Champion of both countries in the same year.  Mimmo Leoci of the DKB from Germany judged the Canadian National and American Judge Fred Probestal  judged the German Rollers for NCBS.

Alan's winning team is offspring he raised from imported birds from Whitman stock from Germany.

Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 NCBS Lovely Division Winners!

Border Fancy Division Exhibited by Paul Dee, Judged by TonyFiumerodo

Lipochrome Division Exhibited by  (if you know who exhibited this lovely bird, please send it to me), Judged by Aldo Bracco

Stafford Division Exhibited by Jan Davie, Judged by Linda Hogan

Old Varieties Division Northern Dutch Frill Exhibited by Dr. Mac Saedi, Judged by Jim Pickel

Type Division Yorkshire Exhibited by John Kotsoros, Judged by Raquel King

Fife Division, Exhibited by (send me name), Judged by Winfield Checkley

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Share A Photo - Kristine Rigdon

Kristine Rigdon shared this photo of the gorgeous Stafford Division Winner exhibited by Jan Davie at the 2014 National Cage Bird Show. Be sure and click on the photo and enjoy viewing this beautiful bird!

Thanks so much Kristine!

Attention Bloggers: Can you help me? Unfortunately, my schedule was so busy that finding time to shoot the photos for the blog from the NCBS show was limited. I allowed time to shoot them at Noon on Saturday since noon would likely have less people admiring the winners and the show was open till 5 pm,

I was shocked that when I went in to take the pictures, the show stands were all down and exhibitors told me the winner display stands were taken down before 10 am! The entries are kept on tables with no display stands and exhibitors had also moved their birds to their area trying to make check out easier after the banquet around 10 pm that night.

So I have very few NCBS photos for the blog. Please share with us!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Higgins Offers Free Shipping

Many exhibitors stopped by the Higgins booth to visit with Dean Reyes and pick up supplies or place orders to be shipped. Higgins is the major corporate sponsor for the National Cage Bird Show. Again this year they offered Free Shipping on All Orders Over $100!  

The good news is you can still take advantage of the free shipping offer if you call your order in to their office by 11/25/14!  The toll free number is 800 878-2666.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

John Furley's Border Shed Part 2

More Lovely Borders!

At ten days incubation under a Border, he tests eggs for fertility with this monitor and if fertile he moves to a ready foster fife pair.
 Separate shed for hens.
There were several pots of these french marigolds that he breaks open and feeds his Borders for color during the molt.
This was Monday afternoon after the show ended on Sunday and he already had his cages washed! He shows every weekend during the show season.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

John Furley's Border Shed Part 1

This is the front view of the double door, coming into John Furley's Border Shed! Wow Very Impressive display!

When we closed the door behind us the doors other side was also full of ribbons!
John Furley took the time to come by my hotel and pick me up each morning for both shows! His thoughtfulness was very much appreciated as it is a little intimidating to be in a different country and wondering were the show hall is. Thanks so much John for looking after me and showing me your shed!

Very Nice Borders!!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Share A Photo - Colm Southern Impressive Win Arklow Best in Show

Clear Yellow Cock Wins Best Border & Best In Show
Congratulation Colm, Its Very Lovely! Arklow Ireland is on the east coast in County Wicklow. 1,500 birds were in the show!

Colm writes:
He's showing better conformation now as the show season progresses.
Sometimes it takes a show or two to get these Borders to show themselves
to full potential.

Thanks so much for sharing with us!

All Border All Ireland Border Show Part 4

On Sunday morning, we gathered for my seminar and discussion session.  The text for my presentation is printed on this blog, search within the blog for 2014 Top Ten Border Breeding Tips. Afterward, John Furley presented me with this lovely engraved tray.

One exhibitor showed me this product that is 16% protein and 10% fat which he adds water to and feeds one month before breeding and until chicks are weaned. Another recommended Oregano tea, pigeon product, at 10 ml/2.5 liter year round. If the bird has a dropping problem it is given five days straight and then twice a week. Another recommended baycox to treat circovirus and flagella mix Dr. Peter Couteel, Belgium for sweating hens given one day before hatching till seven days old.

Right before the seminar, Tom Furley's daughter shared with me that she and her sister use to help their dad writing the e-mails to me and that Tom kept a file with copies of everyone of his e-mails and the response!

Carol Finn Cooley patiently refilled by cuppa tea and since I wanted it refilled when it was still half full she told me that I am what you call a "topper" as I want my cuppa topped off frequently! She made these cupcakes including the darling birds on top!

Best Champion Clear Buff Cock exhibited by Colm Southern

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Top Winners All Ireland All Border Show Part 3 More Lovely Borders

4th Best Border Three Parts Dark Green Yellow Cock exhibited by Paul Glennon

5th Best Border any White or White Ground Hen exhibited by John Furley

6th Best Border Three Parts Dark Green Cock exhibited by Colm Southern

7th Best Border and Best Novice Lightly Variegated Yellow Hen exhibited by Jim McCougall

8th Best Border Any Cinnamon Marked Yellow Hen exhibited by John Furley

9th Best Border Heavily Variegated Green Yellow Cock exhibited by Norman Courtenay

10th Best Border Three Parts Dark Green Buff Cock exhibited by David Sommerville

2nd Best Novice Border Lightly Variegated Yellow Hen exhibited by Garry Marshall

3rd Best Novice Border Lightly Variegated Buff Hen exhibited by Garry Marshall