Monday, November 17, 2014

All Border All Ireland Border Show Part 4

On Sunday morning, we gathered for my seminar and discussion session.  The text for my presentation is printed on this blog, search within the blog for 2014 Top Ten Border Breeding Tips. Afterward, John Furley presented me with this lovely engraved tray.

One exhibitor showed me this product that is 16% protein and 10% fat which he adds water to and feeds one month before breeding and until chicks are weaned. Another recommended Oregano tea, pigeon product, at 10 ml/2.5 liter year round. If the bird has a dropping problem it is given five days straight and then twice a week. Another recommended baycox to treat circovirus and flagella mix Dr. Peter Couteel, Belgium for sweating hens given one day before hatching till seven days old.

Right before the seminar, Tom Furley's daughter shared with me that she and her sister use to help their dad writing the e-mails to me and that Tom kept a file with copies of everyone of his e-mails and the response!

Carol Finn Cooley patiently refilled by cuppa tea and since I wanted it refilled when it was still half full she told me that I am what you call a "topper" as I want my cuppa topped off frequently! She made these cupcakes including the darling birds on top!

Best Champion Clear Buff Cock exhibited by Colm Southern

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