Thursday, November 6, 2014

Norman Courtenay's Border Beauties On Parade Part 3

Robert and I were sitting on a comfortable bench directly across from these cages.

Whenever Norman was changing birds on the shelf my eyes kept admiring this caged beauty right across from me. She was not quite finished for show but I have since learned she recently won another Border show since then! She also has two very nice sisters!
Water in all the cages is provided in these outside drinkers. This way the birds naturally are use to sticking there head through a hold to reach their water just like in a show cage.
Outside seed dishes are on the other side of the cage floor.

Notice the metal dividers between the cages on the display shelf. Not being able to see the other birds seemed to encourage them to stand up.

Robert pointed out the attributes of this beauty.

After the fantastic parade, Robert and his wife Jacqueline and myself and my husband Pat joined Norman and his wife Ray for a lovely sit down dinner.

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