Sunday, November 30, 2014

Alan Timari Sweeps Canadian and US German Roller National Competitions!

Congratulations to Alan Timari of Canada for sweeping both national competitions for German Rollers in Canada as well as the USA! His birds are really quite exceptional!!!

This is the first time anyone became Champion of both countries in the same year.  Mimmo Leoci of the DKB from Germany judged the Canadian National and American Judge Fred Probestal  judged the German Rollers for NCBS.

Alan's winning team is offspring he raised from imported birds from Whitman stock from Germany.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your success. I just purchased some stock from Kent Donnelly and am getting back into breeding after 30 years. Wish me luck, I hope to compete in the future. sincerely, Audra Moir, Summerland,BC

Anonymous said...

Your stock from Kent Donnelly is top of the line Harz rollers. Stock that I bought from him last year tied for 2nd place with 354 points at the Hamilton Ontario show.
Kent has an amazing knowledge of these birds and I have learn a lot from him. I know that you will be really pleased with your new birds.
Congratulations on your new Harz rollers. Doreen Jabs, Nanaimo,B.C.