Saturday, November 1, 2014

Stanley Stewart's Border Shed Part 1

Stanley's bird shed is located in the upper level of a separate building behind his home.

Stanley warmly welcomed me to see his birds and generously shared information!

Everything about his bird room was impressively organized!

Stanley patiently worked his Border with a stick and coaxed it into the show cage. His birds are very familiar with moving to a stick.

Once in the show cage the birds were hung in one of his large windows. The room also has lots of natural lighting from sky lights.

Absolutely gorgeous and playful Border!

When we finished admiring a bird, he patiently coaxed it with his stick back into its cage.

He prefers plastic perches in his regular cages. Since changing from wood to plastic he has had no more birds with corns.

Hen Flight.  Stanley bred 22 young from eight pairs last year.

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