Thursday, November 13, 2014

Share A Photo - Colm Southern Borders

Two of Colm Southern's hens that are just now finishing to show. Wow how lovely!

Colm Won 3rd Best Border and Best Champion Unflighted with this clear yellow hen at the All Ireland All Border Show

Colm judging Borders at the Antwerp Show in Belgium.

Update 11/22/14:
Now that the top Border in this post has finished molting, 
she won Best Border at Wexford BFCC!


Anonymous said...

They are beautiful buff hens. Borders are certainly lovely birds.

Enjoying your blog Linda.
Ramond. Germany.

Anonymous said...

Lovely, i got my first pair of borders yesterday and they look completely haggard compared to those beautiful birds.
i read on your blog that borders need a special diet
will type canary seed mix (versele-laga), with veggies sprinkled with spirulina (4 times a week) and boiled eggs twice a week. calcium once, probiotics once (morning bird products), and multivitamin twice weekly be good.
Thanks in Advanced and very helpful blog
Adam Lebanon

Linda Hogan said...

Borders need a low protein diet. Ideally around 16% protein. I avoid or limit high protein food such as boiled egg and spirulina. The only time my borders get any hard boiled egg is while feeding chicks. Long term feeding of high protein food can bring on neurological problems.

Check out in Search box inside the blog for my 2014 Top Ten Border Breeding Tips.

Anonymous said...

These are really good Borders. Excellent definition, leg and quality.
The heads in particular look strong
Well done.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely buff hen. I have saved the picture to my computer. She is very round and good leg, this is what I am trying to breed into my own birds.

I have seen several of the pictures of birds you have posted from this breeder and I really like his birds, any more please?!?