Sunday, October 2, 2011

Twittering to Fine Tours

My young German rollers are twittering while I dream of fine tours! It is only a matter of time now, till I hear that beautiful sound that will take my breath away.

To encourage singing, I have added multiple perches, giving privacy even in the flight cage. Soon, I will move these perches even higher in the cage to encourage the bird to bend down when he sings thus reaching lower notes. The multiple holed swinging perch will be lowered just enough so that they can perch on the top edge, also encouraging them to bend down to sing.

These German rollers have been separated out as hens but they still enjoy their privacy perches.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
You doing anything special as far as feeding your rollers...

Linda Hogan said...

Now I am checking weights and trying to make sure that none are thin. Typically, it is hard to keep them form losing weight in the show cage. The smaller show cages are easier to keep them normal or slightly overweight, as they seem to hop less in them.

Should the birds be thin and lose weight they will not sing in the show cage. I am giving them bread and extras like I have recently posted. Once caged it will be more plain and depending on the sound I will give hemp to move them forward as needed but not rushing them.

Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by your privacy perches - I haven't seen anything like them before. They look like 1/2"(?) plywood with perhaps 5"(?) holes cut in them with a hole saw - do I have all that correct? I have been wanting to add some privacy perches and these would fit my needs perfectly.