Saturday, October 1, 2011

Meals In Minutes

Typically by mid to late September, I quit making my regular egg food and focus on extras that can be prepared in minutes.

This morning, I prepared the above soft food mix. It is cous cous prepared with olive oil and poppy seeds and covered with boiling water, fluffed and let cool. (Sometimes, I feed this straight and keep a bowl made up in the aviary refrigerator.) To this I added Orlux Golden Patee, and Raff Universal Extras (insect blend) and some Orlux vitamins.

I served this first thing in the morning accompanied by simple fresh greens consisting of radish tops and baby bok choy. Even the finicky Borders were quick to try it!

My approach to feeding new things to my birds is the same as I learned from my husband Pat. Pat cooked all the meals while our children were growing up, often serving something new and definitely different. When the kids picked at it, he offered them a choice: Eat It or Wear It!!

Later today and tomorrow, I will note the bird's condition. Is the feathering tight? Are the tails narrow? Are any favoring a foot, like they do when the protein is too high?


Sandi said...

beautiful birds Linda, and good luck.
What size cages are the rollers in???
Meals Minutes right up my alley. Will be watching for updates on shows. Thanks.

Linda Hogan said...

The birds are currently in flights or in breeding cages in groups of 3 or 4.
I will only show the rollers at the national in Kansas City so I will be caging them up about 3 weeks before that competition.