Monday, October 24, 2011

Borders Conduct A Biodecken Taste Test

At the Houston Show, Ricardo Sanchez gave me some samples of Biodecken nestling food and some of their extras. Having a limited amount, I decided to let the Borders do a Taste Test on the nestling food.

Borders are very skeptical about new foods so whenever I get new product samples, they are the first to try it.

Biodecken, a German product has a complete line of products for all canary needs.

Canaries like a little texture. The enlargement makes it look like huge hunks but actually the largest ones are about the size of fine oatmeal.

This young border was very curious and quickly joined the test.

By the time I ran in the house to get the camera, he had nearly eaten the dish all by himself!

In only two days four cages of borders ate it all, not a bite was left! Considering that it was fed dry right from the package with no additions, that is a pretty strong endorsement from them! Borders gave it a three toes-up endorsement!!

Ricardo is planning having the product for sale at the national in Kansas City. Contact Ricardo at 214 998-7474 or e- mail him at


Evon In WI said...

Wanted to contact Ricado about the German nestling food. mail address comes back as invalid. thank you

Pease verify email address for

Linda Hogan said...

Just got an e-mail back from Ricardo and the address is correct