Sunday, October 4, 2009

Borders Bloom In The Fall

Click on the photo for a close up view!

Now that the molt is clearly over, the Borders are blooming!! Each day they look prettier and I find myself gazing at them hour after hour. I work a bit and then stand a bit and feast on these beautiful birds!! The feathering is getting tighter and tighter till it looks painted on and the confirmation shape just gets more pronounced.

Confirmation shape changes are so obvious with Borders as what was once a beautifully shaped show cock during the Fall, becomes a long tubular shapeless bird because he has come in breeding condition. Now the opposite is happening, coming out of the molt and going into show season they have more and more beautiful curves everyday! To keep the curves coming along, feed primarily canary seed with greens, oats or oatmeal, millets, and bread. Feeding a low protein diet discourages losing their natural Fall confirmation because protein, so important in bringing them into breeding condition, results in loss confirmation.

Some of the borders looked good even out of the nest but others that initially looked a little long and lanky continue improving and may be show quality too. This weekend is my first show of the season. I will be judging type canaries in Houston. I just love looking and commenting on show birds! It is a great opportunity to share information and being a teacher, I love doing just that so that whether you win or not you will take home some valuable information!

Come on out to Houston this weekend, see the beautiful birds, bring your best ones, and treat yourself to an experience where for hours on end its bird talk and no one will ever change the subject!!

Critical Concept: Type birds that have finished the molt need a low protein diet to encourage beautiful confirmation.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Your borders are just BEAUTIFUL! I live for the day that I can brag with this calibre of bird!