Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fantastic Canary & Finch Show - Houston Texas

(Be sure and click on the photos for a close up view)

Best Type Canary in Show: Blue White Buff Variegated Gloster Corona - Allan Gibson

2nd Best Type Canary in Show: Yellow Variegated Border - Tom Hixson

3rd Best Type Canary in Show - Yellow Variegated Fife - Lisa Holmes

4th Best Type and Best Old Variety Canary in Show: Buff Clear Northern Dutch Frill - Lisa Holmes

5th Best Type Canary in Show: Non-crested Bronze Non-frost Stafford and Winner of Joe Cariker Speciality Award for Best Lipochrome, Bronze or Stafford - Tom Hixson

6th Best Type Canary in Show: Freshly Bathed and Still Wet, White Body Grizzled Crest, Hartz Topknot - Dorothy Eggers

I judged type canaries last Saturday at the Houston show. The quality of the birds was so good that I talked about them for six hours during the judging!

I was especially taken by the tough Gloster Corona competition! I just fell in love with the blue white buff variegated corona exhibited by Allan Gibson! Note that crest!! Allan also had the 2nd best, 3rd best and I believe the top six of seven gloster coronas on the bench! Allan shared with me after the judging that a couple of years ago, as he put it "You threw my glosters off the bench, calling them too long"! After initial disappointment in his showing and some anger, he decided to show me what he could bred! And did he show me what he could do!! Allan will be taking his birds to more shows and finally to the National Cage Bird Show in Tulsa where I am sure he will do very well!!

Beautiful birds especially the winning Gloster Corona, friendly Southern hospitality, and hours on end of bird talk made for a wonderful weekend! Great people make up this club!

A special thank you to Debbie Eaton who stewarded the type canaries and kept me moving along or I would probably still be talking and Helen Jones the type division secretary who gave me a goodbye hug and told me she still loved me even if I have never in all these years given her birds even a ribbon!

Looking forward to judging type and colorbred at this weekends Canary & Finch Society of Minnesota Show in Prescott, Wisconsin. Come on out and join in the fun!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Its been a loooong time! I hope that you are still well and by the looks of things you are having a ball with the shows! I have not been able to connect for a while, but I am back now! I missed the blog so much. Just thought I'd let you know that the breeding season is going well, I have roller, fife, ivory mosaic, silver isabel pastel and parisian frill babies already. Jip you guessed it, no Borders yet - they really test my patience. Had one or two but oh well, it wasn't meant to be.

Loving the breeding season,

Linda Hogan said...

Hi Good Buddy!

Hope you had a chance to see last Sunday's post on Borders Bloom in the Fall.

Sure am glad you are connected with us again!