Friday, October 16, 2009

Big Bird Flying to Minneapolis

Beautiful Stafford watchs me leave for the airport.

German Roller enjoying the dim lighting.

Border playing in its swing.

German Roller swinging.

German Roller hanging out with its friends and Tweeting.

One Last Check Before Leaving Birds Alone For The Weekend

This afternoon I am flying to Minnesota to judge type and color canaries at their show in Prescott, Wisconsin. I have been preparing the birds all day and decided to take a few last shots to take with me in my memory of my birds having the weekend off.

Early this morning, I cleaned all water dishes and filled with fresh water. Then I refilled all seed dishes and gave the Staffords and colorbred extra Higgin's Proteen Red 25 and the German Rollers and yellow mosaics Scott's Petamine Breeding Formula, while the Borders got some extra gray and German millet. All cages also got fresh millet sprays and about 3/4 slice of fresh white bread. With all that food they could easily do fine for a week!

During my absence my husband will check and fill waters and will feed one kind of seed mix. He is not willing to do different mixes for different birds so I have prepared a general mix with some extra oatmeal and sunflower chips for him to feed in my absence. Days and night have been setting record low high temperatures and the extra oatmeal and sunflower will give them a little extra calories as I have not turned any heat on in the aviary.

Now with the birds taken care of, I am anxious to get to the Minnesota Bird Show! I would love to see you there but if you just can't make it, I will take a few pictures of the winners for you to see!

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Can't wait to see pics of the show and hear your comments.