Friday, October 2, 2009

Handmade Millet Swings and Things

Simply fastening two millet sprays together with a couple of lettuce or baggie wires creates a popular edible swing!

These German Rollers in the Jungle Cage enjoy sitting and eating millet but also like to just fly through and land in a high swing.

The millet loop can be attached to the side of the English style cages which have wire cage fronts but wood sides and back. Since my cage doors are fairly large, I attached the loop in the doorway for better use of the space.

I like to make a side loop with the millet. At times the birds perch in the loop and at other times they land on the outside and take a few bites before moving on.

Something tells me it won't be long before the second German Roller joins the first!

I even like to attach a millet spray in the show cage to encourage them to stand up and eat. Even after a few short hours, Borders have eaten some of the millet in the middle of the strand. Click on the photo to see how much they have eaten.

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