Monday, October 26, 2009

Big Bird Is Not In Kansas Anymore

Cascade 41st Annual Show and Exhibition October 24th and 25th Monroe, Washington, Type Canary Winners

Best Type Canary in Show, Yellow Cinnamon Variegated Fife Fancy, Exhibited by Coleen Andersen

Second Best Type Canary in Show, Buff Heavy Variegated Norwich, Exhibited by Kris Rigdon

Third Best Type Canary in Show, Buff Green Consort, Exhibited by Kaye Simeon

Fourth Best Type Canary in Show, White Northern Dutch Frill, Exhibited by Michael Sparks

Fifth Best Type Canary in Show, White Crested Columbus Fancy, Exhibited by Sandra Foote-Gregory

Judges Special Type Canary Award, Variegated Non-crested Red Ground Frost Stafford, Exhibited by Carol Groenevelt


Nina Rapp said...

We just returned from the show at Monrow, WA. Wow, I can't believe how much I learned. Everyone was so willing to share tips and help about how to improve my breeding plans for my canaries. Thanks to you Linda for being so accessible to this novice breeder. I'll definitely be going to more shows.

Linda Hogan said...


I too really enjoyed and learned so much at the Cascade Show! The sharing was fantastic!

Hope to see you somewhere next year and in the meantime, glad to have you in our blog groupie!!