Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Interesting Canary and Finch Breeder - K J Brown

Exhibitor KJ Brown with His Winning Finch!

Best Finch in Show, Serinus mozambicus - Green Singer Cock

European Black Grey Society

Japanese Pearl Society

Rare Opal Isabel Java, A Rare Mutation, One of Only a Few in the US!

Four Raza Espanola, Rarely Seen at US Shows

Nice Body and Size Especially Nice Head

Cinnamon Variegated

The finches and canaries pictured in this posting are just some of the birds exhibited by KJ Brown, Jeepers Peepers Aviary, at the Cascade Show. His green singer finch was selected best finch in the show! He also is a developmental breeder and is working on producing a black and white society finch.

He likes to show birds that the exhibitor rarely has an opportunity to see. Not only did he exhibit a very rare finch but he also brought four examples of Raza Espanola which are very rarely seen in the US.

KJ told me that he likes to stay in the background but when I told him that I wanted to promote bird shows he thought only a moment about what he could do to help and so he stepped up and without me even asking, he started readily sharing information with me! In addition to our bird review, he also said that his large aviary uses a dry nestling food and that his canaries and finches are reared with including the Raza exhibited! The next blog post is an article on their dry nestling food written by Linda Brown his wife.

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