Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Waiting To Hear A Mournful Du-Du-Du Like A Dove

Each day, I listen to the baby babbling of my young rollers and each day they sound a little better. Yesterday after some baby babbling, I heard a single beating sound at the end of the ticked bird's babbling, that sounded closest to woo-woo. Although I appreciated the long oo sound which was almost a ou, I wanted a "d", the w consonant is definitely not welcome here!

The slow beating flute note I was wanting to hear is similar to a mournful sound of the morning dove, doo - duu. Today, still no D consonant but I was totally blown away with the hollowness of the ticked bird's sound!!

When a bird has a high quality flute, they often have quality in their other basic tours! So I already know, even now, when he only sings a hollow o-u, that he is going to be a foundation bird in my A competition team!

As I likely have mentioned, first I place brothers in a team or half brothers. Then I listen to each bird's in the teams flute note and rearrange the best flute birds together! That is a fast way to get the best birds on the same team.

So now, I am already looking for 3 more hollow flute birds to make up my A team!! There is a good possibility that tomorrow more rollers will be copying the hollow sound!

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