Friday, October 30, 2009

Roller Breeder Paul Grech

Paul, a member of the Cascade Canary Breeders Association, has raised German Roller Canaries since 1967.

He has won numerous trophy and holds the rank of master breeder. Paul kept his birds up a little late so I would get a chance to see them Sunday evening after the show. He raises about 50 rollers each year. The cage trays are covered with pine shavings.

This is a breeding nest that is designed to slides into the side of the breeding cages pictured below the trophies. Paul likes to have easy access to the babies as he hands feeds each nest of babies three times a day using a syringe filled with Kaytee's Exact.

This is an antique cage he acquired many years ago. The sides are made of glass.

This cage, with an imported German Roller cock, is sitting directly above a flight of young German rollers males.

The young males are in flights with natural wood perches.

He also uses an outside aviary.

Another view of the outside aviary. Note: he too has Canary Ferris Wheels.

Although I haven't seen it, Paul was videoed with a canary hen who upon hearing Paul whistle the Italian National Anthem, assumed a mating position! Truly unbelievable!!

Thanks for sharing with us Paul!

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