Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reflexion on the Cascade Show

Many beautiful birds and some rare varieties were shown at the Cascade Show! To me, I feel like viewing each bird exhibited is just as exciting as I remember being as a child when I opened a Christmas present! Seeing the birds is just one good reason to attend a bird show!

But the real hallmark of the 41st Cascade show was the limitless educational opportunities and willingness of members and guests to share information! I always enjoy seeing the birds, meeting the exhibitors and guests and having an opportunity to share my experiences and what my birds taught me but wow, at this show information sharing was everywhere from the hotel lobby for a couple of hours the night before the show, during the show judging, viewing and through the Sunday seminars, while we shared meals whether at the Continental Breakfast at the hotel or lunch at Red Robin or at the well attended banquet, information was flowing like a river!

In fact, I have four more great posts to follow from this show! Thanks so much to all of you who made this possible and a special thank you for breeders from Oregon and Canada who helped make this such a fantastic show!!

This weekend I will be judging type at the Central California Bird Club Show and Bird Mart in Modesto, California! Come on out and join the fun!!

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