Monday, October 12, 2009

Big Bird Visits Girlfriend's Aviaries - Part 1

After the Houston Canary & Finch Show, Debbie Eaton graciously invited me to her house Sunday morning to see her two aviaries and talk birds for another six hours before my flight! Debbie specializes in Old Varieties Canaries and is a member of the Old Varieties Canary Association Judges Panel, Breeder, Exhibitor and National Cage Bird Show Director.

There are three floor to ceiling flights on one side of the inside aviary. I can't hardly wait to try her clothes hanger swing idea!

Solid on three side double breeder with removable dividers house canaries and finches. She also has several softbills.

On the opposite wall a similar housing. Note the lamp shining on one cage where an ailing lizard hen is housed individually.

Debbie is going to exhibit German Roller Canaries for the first time this year at the National Cage Bird Show in Tulsa in November. I was happy to see a number of her German Rollers have the side mark of a good singer and breeder, this one has a grizzled side mark!

Debbie breeds a number of different kinds of finches but she remarked that the Indian wide-eyes are her favorite finch.

A pair of Lady Gouldian finches are nesting in one of the double breeders above the German Rollers.

Debbie's second aviary is an outside one with an important double door entrance, where she houses some finches.

Attractive inside view of her outside aviary.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to have you at our home - which is chaotic ! This sharing of knowledge and ideas and enjoying great friendship is the BEST of our hobby. Maybe next I'll come to Wichita!