Monday, July 26, 2010

Who is that Masked Good Looker?

This beautifully marked Stafford weaning chick has evenly marked wings and a distinctive mask over each eye! Click on each photo for an enlarged view!

Left Mask

Right Mask

I love variegated birds!! I can hear Rich seconding that!! With beauties live this, I just stand and admire, no wonder it takes me longer to take care of this cage!!


Gaetan Beaumont said...

Hi Linda,

Nice bird. I love these Staffords birds.
Which coloring agent and method are you using ?


Linda Hogan said...

I use Bogena with carophyll red added. I use one bogena dipper to one cup egg food and feed this once a day first feeding in the morning.

The birds also have dry Proteen 25 red and eat a small dish of it a day.

The bird pictured is just weaned and I am anxious to see how he looks after the baby molt.

Gaetan Beaumont said...

It will be cool to have another picture after the molt (before and after).


Rich said...

Yes, Linda I do love my varigated birds, that Stafford is beautiful. I have a Roller chick with almost the exact same markings, and I fell in love with him the minute he feathered out. I've been feeding the dried oatmeal to all my birds as well, they certainly put on a nice weight andf they dive right in every time I fill the tray. Rich

Anonymous said...

Linda, is this the same bird you posted in the next with the eye markings?

Linda Hogan said...

These pictures are all of the same bird just different views.

Lissette said...

Hi Linda i need to know when to stop feeding my babies with egg food and boiled eggs.I bought your book and it has helped me alot.

Thank You,

Linda Hogan said...

Answer for Lissette is on following week post.

Anonymous said...

What I meant was, is this the Tuesday, July 8 "Late Blooming Stafford Chick"?

Linda Hogan said...

The top picture on July 8th is bandit the same masked good looker posted here.

The other late bloomer is the one I have featured as "mousey" which we hand fed till my husband reported it was big enough to shave!