Friday, July 23, 2010

Cheepening and Stretching Good Eats!

Untreated wheat can be purchased either directly from a farmer or feed store for about 5 to 6 dollars a bushel (about 60 lbs). More expensive but still reasonably priced, wheat can be purchased from health food stores. Birds also like sprouted wheat.

To cook, I rinse well and then soak it over night or at least two hours in boiling water. Then I cook it several hours on low heat until plump and somewhat tender and cool. Freeze any extra for future use.

About two cups of cooked wheat is processed in the blender. It will not grind it up fine. Then I add about two cups of ABBA green or red or other dry nestling food and process fine as shown above. If lumpy, add more dry nestling food.

Add 1/2 cup of either Kaytee Exact or Scenic Hand Feeding Formula. Scenic is a a little higher protein and much less expensive than Exact. Process again to mix.

With my hectic work schedule, it is hard to find time to take care of birds and make egg food. So I cut my regular molting egg food about 1/3 with this to make the nestling food go further. I often feed it as is once a day after the first morning egg food feeding instead of a second egg food feeding.

Could cheep be Shakespeare? Oh well, I can't see Russia from my porch!

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