Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Using Molting Eggfood For Color Enhancement and Luster

During molting season, I like to simplify my breeding formula but still provide oil for luster and beta carotene for color enhancement.

I like to make a huge yellow tupperware bowl full and then freeze it in gallon ziploc bags. The day before I need it, I move it from the freezer to the refrigeration section for thawing.

First I but six cups of whole wheat cous cous in the bowl and add one cup poppy seeds and 3/4 cup olive oil. Mix well and add six cups of boiling water. I have a six cup electric tea pot which makes this step easy. Stir occasionally till fluffy and room temperature.

Then process one lb carrots in the food processor.

Add four cups of ABBA green 92 for yellow birds or ABBA red dry nestling food to the grated carrots. Mix into the room temperature cous cous mixture.

Add six eggs to four cups of petamine with 1/2 cup of Scenic High-energy Hand Feeding Formula and process. Then mix into the cous cous, carrot mixture.

For red birds I add one dipper bogena with carophyll red to one cup of the nestling food. I feed the red nestling food containing bogena once a day.

Caution, changing coloring agent during the molt will cause uneven coloring.


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda.
I tried making up pretty much the same concoction of food, it looked wonderful but found it became too wet once defrosted. I didn't like the consistency of it. I now make smaller batches that last no longer than 3 days and I dont freeze it.. I dont add egg because of the heat. My birds are outside.

Linda Hogan said...

At times egg food is lumpy or too wet whether it has been frozen or not.

In that case when I am ready to feed, it goes back in the food processor and more petamine or ABBA green or similar dry nestling food or even bread crumbs are add and in short time you have the right consistency for feeding.

Although my birds like most everything I offer them, they draw the line on lumpy wet food!!