Monday, July 26, 2010

Questions, Breeder Reports and Tips for Big Bird!

Please use this post for this weeks comments and questions unrelated to current posts.

All of my birds are enjoying small dishes of regular uncooked oatmeal right now. It helps tell the hens that protein levels are lower and therefore time to stop breeding, adds some grams on the thinner birds, and all including newly weaned chicks enjoy chewing on the flakes!

Breeder Report:

Hello, Everyone,

I am putting together a USA list of all the canary shows. I am
hoping you all can supply me with contacts or show info about
shows around the country.I think I have NY, NJ, MD and CA covered.
I have the Greater Chicago show, but am wondering if there are
others. I have a few in TX & FL. Most of these are canary and
finch shows. I am also interested in specialty shows like
all-Gloster shows. I intend to put the information together and
distribute it to all participants. Hopefully we can generate
some interest in people attending a show or 2 that they haven't
attended before.

Feel free to pass along my email and phone number. If all goes
well, I can pull the whole thing together by the end of this
weekend and then email out to everyone. I can always send out
an updated list in a few weeks if I miss a few. I appreciate
any help you can give me.

Mary Anne Buckles



Anonymous said...

Hi Linda.
I wanted to give Mary Ann info on a canary show in Florida. When I clicked on her link to send her the info, it wanted a password~~ Please pass this link on to her for me.. Thank you

Evon in WI said...

Canary & Finch Club Of Minnesota
21st Annual Show
October 23,2010

River Heights Motel
1020 US HWY 10
Prescott, WI
Reservations @1-800-522-9207

Contact: Jerry 218-232-1688
Or Evon