Thursday, July 8, 2010

Late Blooming Stafford Chicks

This chick is being partially feed by its parent. First thing in the morning it accepts my hand feeding but then it tries to hide in the nest the rest of the day. The parents will feed it peas and corn and sunflower sprout but little egg food. I especially like its two black eyes, like a bandit!

The momma bird has built a nest on the floor and laid two infertile eggs. On occasion she will feed this special chick but mostly I am feeding it! Unlike cry baby, it never cries but accepts feedings like a well bred bird!


Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Linda
Such sweet baby Staffords. When they are fully feathered you will need to post them on the blog, especially the pretty baby with such a nice head.


Jason said...

Yes please, it would be great to see them full feathered and mature.

How many birds do you start off with and how many do you end up with at the end of a breading season?

Linda Hogan said...


Will keeping posting more of them fully feathered.

I do not keep count of the numbers...Working with nature, it does not always work out in spite of our best effort. With any pet, you just got to enjoy the moment.