Friday, July 30, 2010

Momma's Boys

DKB 3506 #68 hatched two German Roller babies on July 15th! Father was DKB 3501 #30.

Their chicks have a beautiful rich deep yellow coloring and in German rollers, within a nest, the dark rich colored ones are generally males. But with only two to compare, it seems their color is rich like their papa, so I am already calling them boys. Click on the photos to get a good look at these truly beautifully colored roller chicks!

I call them "Momma's Boys" cause they have never accepted a bite of supplemental feeding from me, instead when I approach they snuggled down in the nest and try to hide!

Momma is frantically busy keeping them well fed! Big Bird is frantically refilling her dishes!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Beautiful birds Linda. I am sure they will be great singers too. Even though I am solely breeding waterslager (malinois) canaries your imported German roller canaries are very atractive and their looks resemble very close my waterslager lines.
Best regards
Stavros Ganios
North Canton Ohio