Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finger Food

This Border chick needed to be hand fed even though it had never been hand fed before because its mother decided it is time to nest again.

To get him to eat, I put the Exact hand feeding formula on my finger and then tap it gently on the end of his beak. A few times and he is nibbling finger food!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
How come you don't use syringe?

I have been using syringe for years now and it works great. It does not have to be a special one. You can use the kind they sell in drug stores or get some from work :).

Using syringe will save you time and chick will be fed much better.

I help all of my hens, no matter how good they feed their babies. It makes their job easier and you can use hens for breeding longer.

My five year old German Roller hens are still giving me two clutches...


Anonymous said...

Linda, glad to hear you breed with older hens also.I know many breeders who get rid of them when there only three years old..