Monday, April 26, 2010

Easy Sunflower Sprouts

In a short three weeks, when my first Stafford chicks were put in the weaning cage, I already have 50 babies in the various stages in the nests. Even with such high numbers, it is still too soon to start hatching chicks from my new German Roller male and the Borders like all the birds are still raising their first rounds. So it appears that soon every cage is going to reach capacity!

When the tasks gets taxing, I start using some labor saving methods. In addition to using frozen peas which can be stored in large quantities without spoiling, I like to sprout large quantities of black oil sunflower seeds.

In a large bowl, I place the sunflower seeds and rinse them a couple of times and then cover with tap water. After setting a couple of hours, I drain them and either leave in the original bowl or transfer to a colander. Later in the day, I rinse them again and again the next morning. After just 24 hours from soaking, small nutritious sprouts will appear. I then feed to birds with banded babies and refrigerate any extra. Right now, I am setting sunflower to sprout every other day.

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