Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sidekick Conditioning Seeds

About a month ago, when I was starting to make an experimental dry nestling food, I ordered the sidekick mix from wings. Connie Gahman, who breeds larges numbers of finches and some canaries, developed this house brand sidekick mix. Her e-mail is and her web site is

Connie wrote: "My distributor, Lori Castle, brings the ingredients in from Versal-laga and mixes them by hand. We both worked on putting it together. Lori has more of the individual seeds than I do. Her email We both ship products."

When given a choice, my birds regardless of their variety, prefer the sidekick mix to any seed offered including hulled hemp!! They even prefer it over egg containing nestling food!

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Anonymous said...

Love this product and business woman. Great diversity!