Thursday, April 1, 2010

Seeding Chickweed - Fantastic Conditioner

Wednesday was the sixth week that my canaries received the once weekly ABBA fertility vitamin E. As expected, the bulk of my hens were ready for pairing.

How happy I was to find that the chickweed in my yard has seeds in the dough stage, just in time to feed birds that are either waiting or paired (mostly trio's) or laying. The only birds who do not get the seedy chickweed are those hens that are setting or that have chicks which have not been banded. Once their chicks are banded they too will be fed chickweed!

Chickweed grows well until hot weather sets in. I forbid anyone to fertilize or treat my yard with any chemicals, as I love to feed chickweed to my birds.

This morning, I am sure the folks driving by our house wondered If seeing me was an April Fool or What? There I was, immodestly bent over pulling chickweed, and looking as happy as a cat that ................, merrily filling a grocery bag with chickweed!!

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