Saturday, April 3, 2010

Joys and Sorrow of Good Friday

Stafford male was trio paired with the below Stafford hen. The second hen is due to hatch Wednesday.

She laid five eggs. Each time I saw them, they looked darker!!

What Joy I felt on Good Friday when my first chicks of the season began to hatch!! Click on the photo to enlarge and notice the small piping hole on the egg on the left. At this stage on the 14th day, one should not interfere. If you assist too soon and you see any blood, the chick will die or the egg yolk may not be absorbed yet.

Third chick needed a little help to get the lid off its head and one foot was stuck in the shell. If there is any question of whether the chick is stuck to the egg lining, wet the area with a little water before assisting the chick. This will avoid chick injury.

Finally all five chicks hatched!!

Later in the day on Good Friday, I was filled with Sorrow when my favorite Border hen (876 - 06) passed. Having not shown any signs of illness, I am still in shock..

This special bird was given to me by Don Platt at the Tulsa Bird Show a couple of years ago. She was always so beautiful from every angle that I never failed to admire her every time I went in the aviary! Besides her striking face which looked like a smile, she always made eye contact with me and it is hard to explain how connected I felt to her. She will be sorely missed!


Anonymous said...

Linda, sometimes I feel like there are parallel universes? One of my favorite hens was found dead on Good Friday morn. That afternoon I heard my first baby peep of the season. I try to think of it as part of the season death/rebirth?
Happy Easter!

Unknown said...

I a new, novice canary owner. I purchased 2 canaries 3 weeks ago. Both have been healthy and robust the entire time. One looked a little puny last nite while he was eating his dinner and by 11:00 was semi-comatose. No symptoms, no warning. After he ate, his breathing became labored and things went downhill from there. He passed away this afternoon and now canary #2 looks like he is headed in the direction. We have no after hours avian vets on call. What can I do to try and save this bird?