Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stafford Chicks Rally At Pea Party

Are you ready for the party?

When the first chick leaves the nest, I quarter hard boiled eggs and watch to see when each chicks nibbles on the egg. As soon as I see them take a bite, it is time to put them in the weaning cage. I want the chicks to stay on the floor and eat so until they are eating well, I do not put perches in the weaning cage. When given the opportunity to sit on high perches and beg to be fed, they will until they starve to death.

Numerous food dishes line the weaning cage floor. This is a dish of frozen peas which I thawed by putting them in hot tap water and some sprouted sunflower seeds.

They have only been the weaning cage a few hours and once one of them tried the peas, all want to join in for a PEA PARTY!

Note the full eye of the taller chick compared to the other chick. The squinting indicates some degree of dehydration and it is important to get him to take on some liquid, less he will progress to sleepy and puffy.

The slightly dehydrated chick started eating peas and his eyes immediately started widening.

Peas are offered to hens when their chicks are nearing banding size. They love to feed them to their chicks. Note the green color in the crop of the middle Stafford chick. Love that dark head and can't wait to see what kind of crest it will display!

Yellow Columbine


Rich said...

Hi Linda. In addition to the frozen thawed peas I give the whole kernal corned that is thawed. They really love it and spend lots of time getting every last little bit out instead of bickering. Makes for a great baby sitter. Rich

Linda Hogan said...

Thanks for the corn idea Rich. Today I feed a mixture of corn and peas and they did love it!