Saturday, April 17, 2010

New German Rollers

These German imported rollers came out of quarantine January 26. Shortly thereafter, many of them went into a full molt!! Luckily, by feeding a high carb very low protein diet, they completed a full molt in about a record 4 weeks!

The best sounding male, fertilized a few clutches in Canada before coming to Wichita!! The ridiculous plane trip took him out of condition a bit.

After only two days, he had recovered and was ready for breeding!

The first hen
Although somewhat timid by nature, he quickly began courting her singing vigorously and she was immediately taken by his charm.
This male was not as ready but did mount a hen a week after arrival.

This male is a little rough feathered off and on. He responds well to steel cut oats.

This male is likewise, not singing and not in breeding condition. At first I thought maybe it was a hen but after getting some vent development, I am convinced now it is a male.

This hen raised a nest of four in Canada before the trip to Kansas! She is actively flying back and forth and likely will nest again soon.

This hen is strikingly marked and looks in good condition, She flys around but not interested in her nest yet. The first morning after arrival she drop a wing feather but immediately stopped once she starting eating more carbs.

This hen has only the cap marking. She too is active but not ready for breeding at this point. she laid four fertile eggs which were fostered while still in Canada. I really would like the hens to wait a minimum of two or three more weeks so they could be on the ABBA vitamin E weekly treatment for four weeks.

This hen would not even perch the next morning after the plane ride! She is doing better and enjoys me giving her soft bread. This hen is too weak for breeding, if she does not gain weight she will likely not survive the molt.

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Anonymous said...

hey linda,

i have obtained my 1st roller male, which i've traced back to your stock. in fact, you have posted a picture of a hen that looks like the male that i bought.

i now have to find a nice hen to compliment him, as i do like that type of canary.

Don ( in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina)