Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breaking News - German Rollers in the Air!!

I told my husband that my new German Rollers Canaries are in the Air!! And he said "How long do you think it will take them to fly here"? My enthusiasm is not even phased by his wise remark!!

They are on Delta counter to counter and have left Dayton, Ohio and are flying to Wichita by way of Atlanta with projected arrival being 16:30!!

This is the best Christmas ever and it would not have happened without my bird friends David Bopp of Dayton Ohio and Toni Schlott of Canada. The amount of inspections and paperwork was unbelievable!! Toni picked the birds up Jan 26 and housed them giving them phenomenal care and getting documents there in order and even arranged for a Canadian Vet to inspect his aviary and then he even had to have documentation proving the vet was qualified and then everything had to be notarized etc...

David researched the documents needed here and kept getting different stories as to what was needed. He even consulted our friend Jeff Brooks who works for the border customs and he consulted his boss etc. David had talked with border customs since before we decided to get the birds. He even made many calls to talk with the customs and each time he went over what forms he needed. This week he committed to being at the border with the birds for inspection on Wed between 1 and 3 pm so a vet would be there at the border for the inspection. Even though David had everything in order that he was told, it was still over 3 1/2 hour at the border plus more documents he had to come up with!! The inspector even verified the actual bird band numbers!

The process that my friends went through to get me these birds is unbelievable!! None of this would have happened without David and Toni who did it all!! I am so thankful for my bird friends!!

Check later this evening and see pictures our new immigrants!!

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Can't wait to see them!