Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tuesday's Tipster - Margaret Perry Fletcher

Congratulations Margaret on being selected as this weeks Tuesday's Tipster!

Don't Act Like a Predator. Allow Your Birds Privacy.

At this time of the year, canaries are especially protective of their youngsters and may suspend feeding their babies during your stay in the bird room. Don't act like a stalking predator, intently watching and staring at them but rather I like to establish a non threatening presence by humming or singing or talking to the birds as I go about my chores in the bird room.

Usually I make inspections of a hen's nest when I clean her cage or put out fresh egg food or sprouted seed. By doing this as part of my normal daily routine I find that most hens will readily return to their nest or rush over, get a bite of food after I've looked at their eggs or babies , and then quickly return to the nest without further disruption. For best breeding success, I recommend that you minimize your time in the bird room to allow shy parents plenty of time to care for their families.

Thank You Margaret for this timely tip! The best thing we can do for our birds is to take care of them and then get out of the aviary. Growing up with a mother who raised 100 canaries a year, I believe that giving birds privacy was the very first aviary lesson my mother taught me. We would go to the aviary about three times a day but not to linger or stare but rather to feed the birds as quickly as possible and leave the aviary promptly! It is so tempting to hang out in the aviary but your birds will take care of business, if you do not threaten them and just let them do it.

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