Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eggs-pert Audience Participation Second Round!

What is your opinion of these eggs? What should be done?

It was great hearing from you'll. Good luck in the second round! Please, Jump in and give your opinion before 10:00 am tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

The picture could be a little clearer! But anyway, the colour is mottled, either a calcium deficiency or they are dead in shell.
If it's a calcium deficiency I would feed oystershell grit, or give some water soluble calcium and some Vit D also.

If it's dead in shell, you could give the hen some fresh greens and a few drps of vanodine in the drinking water before the second round.

Linda Hogan said...

Dietary problems (calcium and vitamin A and D3), environmental factors and reproductive tract abnormalities can all result in the production of abnormal eggs. Since this is the only hen laying these ugly eggs, I suspect that she has some reproductive tract abnormality. In other words, she is a DUD!
Once while I was visiting a fantastic greenhouse, I observed the owner, a man from Holland, dumping what looked to me as slightly puny plants. I thought surely he, a master horticulturist, could save them. He said, "you know lady, they don't all grow here either"!!
She is a reject from the breeding program!


Linda Hogan said...

Anonymous does bring up the question or dead in the shell, so the next game will be to ask if the unincubated ugly egg is fertile or infertile?

Linda Hogan said...

Actually there were several of these dud eggs. I did let her incubate the best couple and they only partly developed as the shell was too thin and they dried out.
After hearing from some of you about working with this hen, I did and I am happy to report she laid a normal egg today..