Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wearin' of the Green Special Contest - First Bird Posting

Cead Mile' Failte (100,000 Welcomes)

From the original green canary a number of beautiful varieties have evolved, some of which are still wearin' the green!!

Each day till St. Patrick's Day, a canary photo will be posted through March 16th. Send your entry in on March 16th as a comment post on this blog posting. On March 17th, all winners, who correctly identify each canary type, will be recognized. In addition, the winner who also correctly identifies the proper show classification all birds will be declared the ultimate winner!

Here's a chance for everyone to participate at their appropriate level!! So what is the correct type and/or show classification of the actual canary at the top, bird number one? This bird's size is greatly enlarged by the photo, it is actually a small sized bird and not to be confused with the larger sized type bird which has the same shape. (Be sure and click on the photo for enlargement to identify the feathering.)

If you have a picture of a different green canary that could be featured in this contest, please send it to me at

Some of the standards and bird photos are taken from the DKB/AZ Farben- und Positurkanarienstand, a book of standards, that I received last year at their show in Germany. I loved the ultimate in bird showing experience and continue to study the materials they gave me frequently!

I have also ask my husband, Pat, to provide a daily picture of Ireland, selected from his three trips, for our enjoyment and to get us ready for St. Patrick's Day.

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Casa Canary said...

Hello linda, Freddy from Casa Canary. This bird is a hard yellow Fife. I think.