Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ides of March: Beware of Canary Myopia Syndrome

Trouble in the Aviary!

It seems like I have been plagued with a fatal case of canary myopia! Yesterday, I thought having three German Roller super breeding ready cocks get loose in the aviary was kinda fun. They would fly around and hang on the hens cages and sing their breeding song. I was thinking that if my flax seed and vitamin B failed, these cocks would really get those hens hot!!

I'll catch them tomorrow...I even took a moment to remember a good trick that I have used on occasion, where I placed a super cock, singing boisterously, under a cage where a timid cock was not singing or feeding his hen. When the hen hears the super cock, she invites mating, and then the timid cock takes advantage of the situation and mates with her. I have used this trick with Norwich and occasionally Borders when the cock would not initiate mating. Usually the super cock was a German Roller and the hens were Norwich or Borders. My mind was wondering if this would work if the cock was flying loose instead on in a cage??

With all these canary thoughts dancing around in my head, I left the aviary not even considering what effect loose canaries might have on my husband's sprouting heirloom tomato seeds which are also in the aviary! Myopia had truly struck!!

This morning, when I went in the aviary, I was still thinking about how I really should catch the cocks but still thinking how much I enjoyed seeing them loose. I was shocked back into reality when I started watering my husband's heirloom tomato newly sprouted seeds! What happened to the leaves, I saw leaves on them yesterday? Oh no, my cute super cocks have eaten the new tomato leaves and left just the stems!!

Only a few sprouting seeds remain but I will salvage those and plant some more, we have only lost about 7 to 10 days...Oh well.... and my husband says its not canary myopia that I suffer from, its really canary insanity!

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