Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Red Hot Momma - My Tuesday's Tip

Fully Conditioned Hen

Whow! Look at this hen! What a brood patch, red hot abdomen and so many extra visible blood vessels over it! This is a hen who is in full condition before laying a single egg!

I attribute this primarily to feeding. I have been subtly giving the hens more suggestions that breeding is coming. My latest addition was to feed Harrison's high potency mash (www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com) mixed 50/50 with petamine breeding formula, to all the birds: those needing conditioning for breeding and those sitting or feeding chicks with the only exception being any obese cocks, as it is pretty fattening.

I would normally have used this trick as soon as the cocks were ready but trying not have the hens come in while I was gone to the NCBS board meeting, I held off a bit! But whow, what an effect it made when I was finally ready for them to come into full breeding condition.

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