Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dud Fools Big Bird!!

Dud Wants to Thank All of You Who Pleaded in Her Behalf!

Yes, thanks to you who wrote in defense of Dud, I decided to give her my best shot and see if she could lay good eggs. I gave her unlimited re-cycled egg shell and look at her five fine eggs from her second clutch, which I set under her today! She really fooled me! She really knows how to put egg on my face!

The top two photos are of her mate, who was loving and supporting during this ordeal! For all their trouble, I will leave him in to help her raise their chicks!

The top egg photo is two of the four fertile eggs she laid in her first clutch. They all looked the same, poor shell quality and that lighter colored ring. Two of the eggs I broke to determine if they were fertile and two I incubated to see if they could hatch. The shell was so poor that the embryos just dried out.

Today's Thought: If the first clutch does not work out, try again!

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