Monday, April 6, 2009

Tuesday's Tipster - Doyle Johnson

Congratulation Doyle on being selected this weeks Tuesday's Tipster!!

Seed Grinding

I recently bought a wheat grinder on eBay and now use it to grind seeds and other foods for my canaries! I started by grinding hemp and found that after grinding, the birds ate it all, with no waste, because they can eat it without having to crack it. I then tried ground wheat. milo, and corn and mixed them together and the canaries ate it very well too. So I continued to experiment with oats and safflower which are too large for canaries to eat. Finally, I made a ground seed mix of hemp, wheat, milo, corn, oats, and safflower which is so popular with my birds that I must fill every day, as they eat every bit I put in their egg cup!

I then branched out from seeds to other foods that canaries like but waste because of their coarseness such as dry CeDe's nestling food. I like to offer my birds dry CeDe's but the birds would waste about a third of it because of all the hard chunks it contains. These hard chunks are even difficult for me to break up with my hands let alone a canary to break with its beak. But by running CeDe's through a coarse setting on the grinder, they now clean up every bit of the dry CeDe's offered with no waste!

Grinding can make some products easier to feed by adding them to egg food instead of having more separate dishes. A good example is Quiko pelleted carrots. By grinding them, I can offer them directly to the egg food without reconstituting them and no separate dish. My grinder is even used to grind non-medicated chicken layer to add to my egg food!

Canary breeders have a long history of passing over nutritious foods such as alfalfa or rabbit pellets that are commonly fed to large birds, but by grinding them they make great additions to egg food! I continue to find more and more uses for my grinder! The possibilities are endless!!

You can find these wheat grinders on eBay and if you watch you can get one for about $23.00 delivered. Sunday, one went for $22.80 with free shipping. You can set it to grind as course or fine as you want. You can easily feed what you never did before because it was to difficult for canaries to eat!

Thanks so much Doyle, I can't wait to get a wheat grinder and try these great ideas!!

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