Thursday, April 2, 2009

Diet Changes for Banded Chicks

Food to Grow On

The nest of chicks shown is the middle nest shown on March 26th where the clear chick was in trouble and needed a couple of feedings a day for two days. Look how good they all look now! All banded on time, usually the fifth day.

Now that they are banded, I discontinue the quarter hard boiled egg once a day and continue giving egg food. In addition, I add greens such as sprouting seed, romaine lettuce, broccoli, chickweed, spinach, or peas. The sprouting seeds shown are Canadian grown Canola rape seed. The sprouter has three middle rings for seed. Water is added to the top white tray once a day and dumped from the bottom white tray. I brought this one back from the German DKB show but I have seen similar ones at health food stores.

I also like to offer a dish of dry plain ABBA Green 92 to all of the yellow ground birds. Red ground birds get a dish of dry Quiko red or similar product.

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