Friday, March 20, 2009

Eggs-pert Audience Participation Third Round!

If yesterday hen, who laid the abnormal eggs and actually laid three ugly eggs and one with no shell at all, is a DUD, what about the cock, is he also a DUD?

Compare the pictures of unincubated egg yolks. The bottom two photos are a comparison of unincubated unfertile (immediately above the bottom photo) and fertile eggs (bottom photo) in a much larger bird variety (probably a chicken) and are from Avian Medicine: Principles and Application by Ritchie, Harrison and Harrison.

The four top photos are all different shots of the same unicubated ugly egg pictured yesterday. (Be sure and click on each photo to enlarge the details.) It is much easier to see the spot in the ugly egg than it is to photograph it!

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Click on the comment for the answer! It is important to evaluate every egg that is not productive and learn from it!


Linda Hogan said...

Hi Boggers!

Has March Madness got you glued to the TV or perhaps my photo of the ugly egg were not too clear.

An unincubated egg with just what looks like a very small speck that is more of an oblong shape, is and infertile egg where an unincubated fertile egg has a much larger round clearly seen like a dot. It is about the 1/2 the size of the hole of punched notebook paper.

It is important to salvage something even from non-productive situations. Was the failure due to the egg quality or was it an infertile egg anyway?

In this case, the ugly eggs were all fertile so the cock is definitely not a DUD! So I see a new hen in his future!!

Linda B said...

Dear Linda:
I am unsure why you are calling the hen a Dud. Even if the egg is not "pretty" it was fertile. Perhaps she just needed additional minerals or calcium to produce a more normal appearing egg. Are you sure, had she incubated the egg, that it would not have hatched normal chicks?