Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bird Brain Teaser

What is Canary Winking and what does it mean?

The first correct answer will be posted, so please jump in if you think you know the answer!!

Congratulation Shawn Bartlett of South Africa, You are the winner of this Bird Brain Teaser!!

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Anonymous said...

Howzit Linda,

Winking is often seen in the breeding ready hen. On hearing the breeding song of the cock bird she will assume the mating position and open and close the feeler feathers around the vent in anticipation of mating. This term is called winking which means she be ready, willing and able!

Shawn - SA

Linda Hogan said...

Winking or flashing the hen's breeding ready vent open and closed is a sign that a hen is ready for mating! Great Job, answering this bird brain teaser, Shawn!!