Monday, December 28, 2009

Super Pet Aviary Trough Feeder Saves Seed

After eating a bit, the cock burst into song!

Dividers provides more eating spaces.

The bird photos above are some of my young Stafford breeder cocks. They are all eating from the Super Pet Aviary Trough Feeder which discourages seed scattering and waste. They really do require less feed and it is especially nice to not need to refill it for several days! I will also reduce the amount I put in the troughs once the birds are use to it. Wish I would have them when I was out of town judging bird shows this fall. It would have really made my husbands job easier.

I purchased the troughs from Aviary & Animal Pet Supply (903)785-2636 for $18 per dozen. If you are interested call Joe Henry soon, as he is going out of business 12/31/09. I also bought a pair of J pliers and clips to repair my cages and some tube brushes.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting about Aviary & Animal Supply. I always bought my drinkers from them and thought they were not in business.
I called Joe Henry this morning and placed an order with him.
It is not too late to order with him if he has in stock what you need.

Rich said...

Linda, just wanted to let you know that you still have to check those feeders daily. I think they are great but the birds do hull the seed and the seed hulls end up staying in the feeder and build up so that the seed gets covered up. They do require a daily removal of hulls so the birds can get to the seed. I do really like these feeders, they certainly keep the seed and hulls from being scattered about the floor and cage. Rich

Linda Hogan said...

Thanks Deb and Rich for your comments!

Most of my cages throw the hulls out of the trough but one cage in particular does not, I have been making the rounds daily and blowing on each cages trough to make sure the hulls are not obstructing the good seed.

Wonder if all this puckering up will help my whistling?

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Whistler,
Just heard this morning that Joe has sold out of feeders !
Oh, your power of the internet !
Keep up the facial exercise, if it helps your whistling, maybe it can help my wrinkles !